DIY homemade chanel sunglasses

Chanel sunglasses are too expensive? Do your own!
This is a diy i found surfing it's really easy and the final result is super.

The materials you need:

-Sticky labels (I used cd labels because I was out of sticky labels) OR sticky letters.
-A pair of stock sunglasses
-Scissors and sometimes and exacto (to cut the middle)
-If you use an exacto be sure to use a cutting board or a piece of cardboard under the paper.

Step 1
If you are using a sticky label trace the Chanel C's onto the label. It works best if you use some graphite paper and tracing paper (both available at art stores) so that it is exact. If you are using sticky C's simply peel them off the paper.

Step 2
Cut out your tracings and be sure to be as careful and exact as possible. When your done cutting peel off the backing.
Step 3
Place the chanel logo stickers on the center of the glasses.and you're done. This DIY is by Hipster Scum
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